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Ticket Luck is one of the biggest online ticket scams out there.This site has ripped of consumers multiple times.

They work like ebay where individuals are supplying the tickets but in multiple instances the tickets are jacked up 300% over fair market value and individuals get pulled in by the ticket luck promo code before they realize they're being taken advantage of. In several instances, individuals have claimed they never receive tickets from these third party vendors.

Ticket luck and the vendors are left pointing fingers at each other.It's the legal version of scalping but is completely unethical.

Bottom line: DO NOT use Ticket Luck (

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #602127

I find it very silly that I had to pay for shipping and handling on tickets that were clearly printed off line by somebody else.Its actually making me wonder if these tickets are even legit!

On the web site and link it said the ACTUAL tickets as in the "nice" tickets that the arena would sell would be mailed to me. & instead I receive the "fast tickets" the ones you would print off yourself; for FREE! Kind of feel like this was a rip off...

& like I said, I'm now questioning if these tickets are even legit!!!I live over 5 1/2 hours away to go to this event to find out they're bogus and I'm out $200+ .


You should try our site, charge zero fees and we show you ratings and reviews of the person on the other side of the transaction so you can make an educated decision on which tickets to buy.

Plus, we list tickets by geographical location so you can avoid shipping fees.Let us know if you like it @Seatcrew


:( The tickets I ordered through this site were supposed to show up prior to the event.Unfortuantely they never did.

I'm not sure who is running this company but they need to do a better job.I'll stick with StubHub or the venue for now, thanks.


I had an excellent seamless experience getting tix for "Wicked" from TicketLuck, and i recv an unexpected human follow up call to wish me a nice event and make sure i had all info in needed. And the Fedex deliv also called me to redeliver tix to my work addr instead so i could sign for it for that evenings show. My only regret is that i didnt read fine print that a hefty $28 was added to each ticket for processing, making $148 tickets $176 which i could have found cheaper?


300 bucks for 1 ticket??are u retarded or what?

u must buy the whole thing, bein 3, 4 or 8 tickets per's super cheap cause the tickets are being sold by people for some reason cannot make it to the event :s


Hey buddies if you people really upset for some inconvenience i think you should try world best number one site

this site give you more reliable services. ;)


Tickets I received were not the ones I purchased.Customer Service rude and unhelpful.

Never again would I do business with Ticket Luck.I have purchased sports and concert tickets from Stub Hub for venues all around the country and have never had such and unpleasant experience as I did with Ticket Luck.


I have a question. The tickets that I just ordered they said they won't send me the tickets until later on in the day. People who use this before...has that happened to you before??


***?*** is the $300+ I spent for tickets that should have cost $50.

It's not besmirching if it's true.:grin


I had a very bad experience with this company as well. they never delivered the tickets and when I called to complain they told me it was my problem not their...what a joke! :cry

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